Tasty Choice

Choice is good. Right? Well, normally I would say yes but Tasty Choice is one of those places where the options are endless and the menu is massive (literally, the menu is big enough for your grandma to see without her having to squint with her glasses on).

Let’s just say I’m a bigger fan of places that focus on a few things to excel in. It’s called finding your “niche” market – at least that’s what marketing class taught me. We came to Tasty Choice for a little snack time and bubble tea draaanks. Look how bright and colourful the counter is, along with their endless selection of choices. They even have ramen here (someone please try it and report back, I don’t have much faith).

Lots of ghetto, somewhat comfy chairs to sit in (ghetto meaning there’s some solid masking tape covering up the holes in the chairs, hahaha). Asian dramas on the TV’s. Cool looking posters plastered along the walls.

Real fruit mix berry milk BBT ($5.50 large) with passion fruit pieces ($0.95 extra)
The best part about this BBT was the passion fruit pieces. This was my second time coming to Tasty Choice so I thought I’d give another flavour a try. I think for our first visit we had peach and mango – if that gives any indication of things, it was unmemorable. I guess their BBT can be summed up in one word – decent. Not great but not bad either.

Tea with milk (HK style) ($2.95) – you can get this drink hot or cold. My friend went with hot as it was freezing outside. I tried a sip and it’s definitely not for my taste buds. Must be one of those “acquired” tastes.

Fruitie paradise crepe ($6.99) – we wanted to try their mango dessert but unfortunately, it’s only seasonal meaning no mango dessert. Sad face. Instead, we settled with trying one of their Japanese crepes. My expectations were low and that’s exactly how the fruitie paradise crepe turned out. Bland, floppy and not very satisfying come to mind.

The crepe was supposed to have banana, mixed fruit, strawberry, peach, mango, creme, chocolate and strawberry sauce and vanilla ice cream. They give you a fistful of cream but boy, they sure do skimp out on everything else. The ice cream was probably the best part of the crepe. I wouldn’t get this again, but hey, I wasn’t expecting much in the first place.

Overall, Tasty Choice is decent for what it’s worth. If you stick with BBT, you’ll probably be okay and if you’re into loyalty cards, you can build up your stamp collections. That are separate. Yikes.

*Note – all awesome pictures were taken by my friend. Bless her magical camera.

Tasty Choice
#107, 2920 Calgary Trail
Edmonton, AB
(780) 485-8815

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