Bul Go Gi House

Wow, first of all, I’m impressed that Bul Go Gi House has over 1,000 reviews on Urbanspoon. Seriously, that’s absolutely massive, especially when you consider it’s Edmonton. They must be doing something right, right? That or all the Caucasian people know about it (more on that later, haha).

Bul Go Gi House is located right in the heart of U of A’s campus Saint-Jean. It looks a bit run down on the outside but don’t let that deter you. The interior is clean and the space is surprisingly much bigger than one would anticipate from the outside. The restaurant was packed for a Tuesday night and seriously, I can’t say I’ve ever seen such a variety in clientele at a Korean restaurant before. I guess being open for 40+ years and being the first Korean, family run restaurant in town has its perks.

The service is decent (typical Asian style) but they are quick and friendly. I like how they bring out a jug of water right at the beginning so that you don’t have to constantly ask for more water.

We were given bean sprout salad and kim chi. Bean sprouts were delicious and they re-filled them quickly when we ran out.

Yuke gae jang ($13.00 large)
Hot and spicy soup with chunks of beef and vegetables. The soup lived up to both those descriptions. Piping hot and spicy to boot. Apparently this is my friend’s go to soup, Korean style. Good stuff indeed.

Dweh ji bulgogi ($12.75)
Marinated spicy pork with vegetables. It comes with a side bowl of rice. Another solid dish. The pork was well seasoned.

Be beem nang myon ($12.75)
Thin, chewy noodles in a sweet and spicy sauce. These are cold, chilled noodles which I’ve never had before. We both really enjoyed this dish as the noodles had the perfect texture.

My friend was concerned with how authentic the food was going to be but once we had our first bite, she was completely satisfied. In a nutshell, the food is quite good but Bul Go Gi House clearly caters their flavour and spiciness to their main clientele. I guess you could say it’s westernized Korean. Everything is tasty but it could use a bit more fire power to it. Still, it’s a solid choice if you’re in the area.

Bul Go Gi House
8813-92 Street
(780) 466-2330

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