Meat & Bread

Meat & Bread needs know introduction. Hip and trendy, this is the place to be if gourmet sandwiches are what you seek.

Last time I was in Vancouver, we were so stuffed that all we could do was peer in from the outside at all the delicious sandwiches being eaten. This time, we made sure to have plenty of stomach room to eat and checked out Meat & Bread for lunch on a Wednesday afternoon.

The place seems to always be busy, with a never ending lineup, but things move steadily along so you won’t have to wait too long to place your order. Sweet beats were being played (always good in my books). Find a seat along the long, communal table. It is a bit cramped but people, for the most part, are good about it and don’t overstay. There’s also jugs of water on a side table that you can help yourself to.

Turkey a la King ($9.00)
This was their daily special which consisted of garlic butter, mushroom cream sauce, pepper onion sauté and mixed greens. A very special holiday sandwich indeed.

Porchetta ($8.00)
Their signature sandwich that comes with a salsa verde. The porchetta had nice crunchy, flavourful bits of pork rinds in it and the slices of meat were tender and juicy. The dollop of mustard is a nice touch.

Butternut squash soup ($4.00) – creamy but not too rich, which is tough to find in a good butternut squash soup. Bowl is more than enough to sample and share.

You can buy Meat & Bread’s sauces/spices! Take a look on the way in/out. First up is sambal, a SE asian condiment. Add a little spice to your life. Next is the salt rub. Definitely would be tasty on some meat inspired dishes. Last one was mustard. Look ma, I can create my own sandwich dollops now.

Happy I was finally able to try Meat & Bread. Definitely try them out if you’re in the Yaletown area. There’s a reason why they’re packed to a tee.

Meat & Bread
370 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 566-9003

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