Where to go after you’ve either eating at Wing Chicx or are in the area shopping at South Edmonton Commons? Why, the answer is simple dear Watson, head over to TeaCup2Go and try their bubble tea/snacks.

They have some light Asian snacks – their version of Japadog looks intriguing. I’ll have to try it the next time I’m not stuffed to the brim with KFC. The lady/owner working the front is very sweet, your typical Asian mother figure.

The menu is pretty small but focuses on a few key items (snacks, noodle bowls, hot dogs and bubble tea). Just take a look at their whiteboard, which have numerous choices to choose from.

Trip #1

Avocado mango with mango pieces and mango with lychee pieces ($4.55 each) – this is one of the cheaper places in town to order fresh fruit bubble tea. It’s annoying that they charge you an extra $1.00 to blend in two fruits but it’s the norm. Avocado and mango is my go to drink, seriously, so dang good. They don’t skimp on the pieces and fill yer cup right to the top.

My friend ordered herself the mango, which was much sweeter than mine but tasty.

Trip #2

JaJa noodle soup ($7.50)
Udon noodles, fish tofu, fish cake, egg, fried tofu, green onion and seaweed. I don’t think these were udon noodles. Most likely they were the egg noodles. Fried egg on top gave it some protein. I liked the fish tofu the best. Pretty simple bowl, nothing extraordinary, but it was filling.

Lychee with grass jelly ($4.55)
I was skeptical on whether they would be using fresh lychee but the drink was quite watery and tasted just like the real thing, so I think they do. Props.

I will be back to try their other BBT flavours and Japadog next time. The bubble tea scene is pretty weak in Edmonton but I am a growing fan of TeaCup2Go. Unassuming, if you’re in the area, give them a try.

2960 Ellwood Drive SW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 488-8228

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