The Cajun House

Wooooo, I’m on a roll for trying out new restaurants in St. Albert.  Can someone saaaaaaay work perks?  We decided to try out the Cajun House for lunch, which I’ve heard nothing but good things about.  We went there on a Tuesday and I was impressed that they are very wheelchair friendly both inside and outside the restaurant.  Cajun House is a bit more upscale, so FYI, be prepared to shell out some dolla dolla bills y’all.

They have a feature menu on for the month of December, called “Cajun Christmas Festival”.  All of the entrée dishes sounded pretty delicious.  I was able to convince my one co-worker to share with me.  I like how they have a petite and regular size for their entrees, although I couldn’t see that much of a difference between the amount of food given between the two sizes (maybe a slightly larger amount of meat but that was about it).  Go with the petite and save yourself some moola.

Seafood jambalaya ($30)

Came with a variety of seafood (scallops, shrimp, red snapper, mussels and crab claws).  Everything is baked in saffron rice and served in a red Creole sauce.  The dish was flavourful, heavenly goodness.  Definitely was worth the price tag, especially considering they are generous with the crab claws.

Cinnamon pork tenderloin ($26 regular) 

Pan fried pork tenderloin medallions flavoured with cinnamon and topped with Cajun prawns.  Served on a smoked red onion reduction.  We shared this plate and the pork tenderloin had a sweet, cinnamon(y) flavour.  Can’t say I’ve ever thought of doing a cinnamon rub with any type

Dill and cucumber salmon ($14 petite) – pan seared chinook salmon topped with a baby dill cream sauce, garnished with baby shrimp and fresh cucumbers.

Chipotle beef tenderloin with prawns ($19 petite) – charbroiled beef tenderloin medallions and topped with chipotle butter and cajun prawns.

Muffeletta ($13) – sandwich with genoa salami, italian ham, provolone cheese and olive salad.  This is one of my co-worker’s go to po-boy sandwich (apparently he comes here all the time with his family).

This seems like the go to spot for retirees and business lunches.  We were seated close to a group of older ladies (aka. grandma’s) that look like they come here every Tuesday, which is super adorable.  Cajun House is definitely worth a try, as long as someone else is paying the billz.

The Cajun House
7 St Anne Street
St. Albert, AB
(780) 460-8772

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