Ohana-Ya Japanese Restaurant

Ohana-Ya Japanese Restaurant is a cozy, relatively unknown sushi joint located in a little strip mall area of St. Albert.  They are quite close to Yuzen, another sushi restaurant, which is literally across the street from them. Competition, competition.  I’ve been to both now and I can’t really say if one is better than another.

From what I’ve read and tried myself, Ohana-Ya is known for their rolls while Yuzen is all about the sashimi, nigiri and Saturday ramen.  I’ve only been for lunch at both places so maybe I will have to try out their dinners one of these days.  Then again, I’m pretty sure I go during lunch because sushi is so much cheaper that way (at least for Edmonton it is).

Anyways, Ohana-Ya has a very relaxed, easy going vibe to it along with super friendly staff.  The service was great when we were there on a Wednesday and they are quick to bring out food. Tea ($1.00 each) comes out hot and our cups were refilled several times during our meal.

Bento Box E – sashimi with mixed tempura ($13)
There’s a surprising amount of food in these bento boxes (you get to choose between miso soup and a salad)!  The salad was delicious, the dressing had a nice tanginess to it.

Size wise, the bento boxes are quite deceiving (I was really full, past dinner time).  My bento consisted of 6 pieces of sashimi (two each of salmon, tuna and surf clam), 6 pieces of small maki rolls (tuna), edamame beans, rice and a good mix of tempura.

Bento Box A – chicken with mixed tempura ($12)
My buddy ordered this and completely devoured it. You know when you just craveeee sushi/sashimi/Japanese food in general? Well, that was him and he said that this bento box left him feeling mighty satisfied.

Bento Box A – beef with mixed tempura ($12)
Got this bento box as a take out order for a co-worker.  They packaged everything nicely, separating out the salad, vegetable rolls, sauce and then the rest of the order (rice, mixed tempura, edamame beans and beef).  The next day, she was raving about the sweet sauce that comes with the tempura.

It seems like the quality of sushi restaurants in town are getting better these days.  Obviously, nothing like in Vancouver but at least you have a greater selection of options to choose from.  But holy, is sashimi expensive!  I wanted to try Ohana-Ya’s chef’s choice sashimi platter (18 pieces) but it’s $24 bones.  For lunch.  Not easy on the wallet, that’s foo sure.  But if you stick with the bento boxes and sushi & maki combos, you can’t go wrong.

Ohana-Ya Japanese Restaurant
#224, 2 Hebert Road
St. Albert, AB
(780) 459-8355

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