Icy Bar

Last time I was in Vancouver, I had the most delicious mango dessert at the Richmond Night Market.  Seriously, soooooooo good, I needed to figure out where it was from so I could get it again.  After some sleuthing and amazing detective work, I figured it out – lo and behold, it’s from a small little Asian dessert place called Icy Bar.

We went after our massive Malaysian dinner and decided to split “just” two desserts.  The place was jam packed for a Saturday evening and 98% of the people there were Asian.  Bingo, we were in the right place.

Fresh mango ice cream icy ($6.50)
A good heaping of fresh mango, mango sauce, ice, mochi (optional) and vanilla ice cream. Really, really, reallllly good. If the ice had been mango-flavoured, that would have been unreal. Tip – don’t get the mochi, it didn’t add much besides a chewy texture. Plus, we’re pretty sure you get more mango instead which is way better!

Mango and strawberry/nutella pancake ($6.00)
 A mix of French and Asian desserts. Whipped cream, fresh mango in one pancake (strawberry/nutella combo in the other) all wrapped in a special pancake. The waitress was nice enough to let us order one of each. We weren’t sure how these would turn out but it was delicious. Light, airy, not too sweet, and reminded me almost of a crepe like texture for the pancake. Didn’t even know it’s one of their most popular desserts when we ordered it!

So many interesting desserts to try here!  Definitely an awesome spot.  Get the mango tapioca shaved icy cup (that’s the item I was referring to that we had at the Richmond Night Market)!!

Icy Bar
3618 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 500-8922

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