A Yah Mi Deh Jamaican Restaurant and Bakery

Yahhhhhhh man, I think this is the first time I’ve had Jamaican/Caribbean food in town. A co-worker and I went to check out A Yah Mi Deh for a lazy Friday lunch. The place is actually quite big with lots of tables and booths further in the back. It’s an order at the counter style restaurant but they do bring out your plates when they’re ready.

The place has a relaxed, easy going vibe to it with the Jamaican yellow and green colours plastered on the walls (along with a few Usain Bolt pictures). We liked the Caribbean style beats they had on in the background. It is pretty bare though, just your minimal chairs and tables. A little warmth would help make it cozier. We decided to go big and ordered large platters for both of our dishes.

Curry goat ($14.25 large)

Very flavourful, the goat was spiced to perfection and I could have eaten more. Seriously, you can’t ever go wrong with goat! We got the peas n’ rice (instead of plain old white rice), which was absolutely delicious. I don’t know what’s in this (peas apparently) but I could eat this on it’s own if I had to. We chose the plantain as our side and it came with two good sized pieces, yum.

Jerk chicken ($15.50 large)
Jerk chicken with peas n’ rice and vegetables. A decent mixture of carrots and choy (bok choy maybe?). Unfortunately, the jerk chicken was a bit on the dry side and could have used more spice/sauce on it. I thought this would have been much better than it was.

Mango carrot ($3.50) and Pineapple guava ($3.50)
You get 100% of your Vitamin C from the mango carrot drink. Wow. The mango and carrot actually balances each other out nicely. Refreshing and not too sweet. The pineapple guava was the sweeter drink out of the two. Apparently these two are their most popular juice drinks. Tropical Rhythms, what a clever name.

Good experience for our first try of Jamaican food. A Yah Mi Deh has some strange hours (12pm – 9pm on Friday and Saturday) but if you can make it in time and don’t mind the long drive to the ghetto east side, definitely check them out. Their ackee & saltfish and escoveitched fish dishes intrigue me. I’ll have to check those out next time!

A Yah Mi Deh Jamaican Restaurant and Bakery
4435 – 118 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 479-1900

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