Bon Crepe

If you’ve been to Vancouver and walked along Robson, then you know Bon Crepe. Attached to the Japanese candy/pocky grocery market, Konbiniya, you can order from the outside counter if you don’t want to step foot into the store.

I wanted something sweet after our ramen dinner so I decided to try one of their Japanese crepes. I was hoping for something similar to the awesome ones I had in San Francisco, at a place called Genki Crepes. That place is LEGIT. I settled for a poor man’s version instead.

Green tea ice cream with red bean ($4.72)
The green tea was good but the crepe was flimsy and didn’t have a good crispy texture or taste to it. It was just there to hold the green tea ice cream and red bean. I should have ordered one of their green tea parfaits instead, which looked waaaay better.

Anyways, Bon Crepe is a  reasonable spot to drop by if you want a quick bite or more like, if your already in the area to buy/re-stock up on your Asian sweets.  Seriously, so many types of Pocky = girls swarming like bee’s to get their fix.

Bon Crepe
1238 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 719-2060

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