Estea Express

Boy, Asians just looooooooveee to shop and eat.  Good ‘ol Aberdeen Mall in Richmond hits both of those elements, just make sure you don’t go over the 3 hour parking limit or you’ll get a ticket (like my two friends did (ouch!).  It’s all about Dasoi.

The upstairs food court has a lot of hidden gems but we’d already consumed a massive amount of dim sum and were stuffed so that meant BBT time, obviously.  I can’t remember if I tried Estea Express last time I was in Aberdeen but we ordered a couple of bubble teas to go while we walked around the mall.

Green tea lychee with grass jelly ($4.50)
I don’t normally order green tea ones but I gave it a shot and it was good.

Fresh fruit pineapple with sago ($4.50)
Tasted just like pineapple and the sago was actually decent (this coming from a someone who isn’t a fan normally).

Honestly, I had a lot of bubble tea during my trip this time and this one was decent enough.  I’m not sure why it’s only at 48%, it’s not that bad.  It’s decent!

Estea Express
Aberdeen Centre
4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC
(604) 249-1079

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