Hawker’s Delight

Good Malaysian food is tough for me to find back home so when my Vancouver buddy told me about Hawker’s Delight, I was all over it.  Seriously, this place is hole in the wall GOLD.

Almost everything is $6-7 per dish, which I didn’t know exists these days.  The perfect place to go for homemade Malaysian and Singaporean deliciousness.  As you would expect, the décor is minimal and you have to grab your own water/tea.  No big deal unless you’re a princess.

We were hungry but there were only three of us.  However, we were pretty gung ho and decided to order six dishes (technically, we only were going to order five but the lady convinced us to get roti).

Laksa ($7.00)
Thick rice noodles in a mild curry, coconut milk with dried shrimp, tofu puff, fish cake, egg, shredded chicken, prawns and bean sprouts. The broth is smooth and creamy, with only the teeniest hint of spiciness to it. Tasty but I’ve had better ones recently.

Hainanese chicken rice ($7.00)
Chicken leg served in chicken flavoured rice with cucumber and tomatoes. Comes with a really delicious vinegar-chili sauce. The hainanese chicken was light and flavourful. Such a solid plate.

Mee goreng ($6.50)
Fried wheat noodles with egg, bean sprouts, onion, tomatoes, tofu, diced potatoes and yu choy. Nicely fried, crispy, and not greasy. We ate all of this bad boy.

Roti ($5.00)
Light, fluffy, all you want in a roti along with an awesome dipping sauce.

Lamb curry with rice ($12.00)
Steamed rice served with lamb and vegetable curry stewed in rich spices. Lamb is one of my favourite things to order so we had to try it. The lamb was tender, juicy and just look how massive this plate is.

Mee soto ($6.50)
Yellow noodle with bean sprout, served in a chicken stock garnished with greens, chicken and fish cakes, Chinese celery and shallots. This was noodle overload for us. It had a very clean, hearty tasting broth – something you would order if you want to eat to be “healthier”.

Clearly, we ordered an excessive amount of food but my one friend took the leftovers home.  You have to pay $0.25 for a take out container.  All I can say is that Hawker’s Delight is boooooomb.  Like seriously, if you’ve never been here before, you’re missing out. Like a lot.  With dirt cheap prices and delicious food, this is definitely a “delight”.  Oh yeah, cash only.

Hawker’s Delight
4127 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 709-8188

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