Ninja Club

Hi yah.  Insert cliché ninja chopping sounds.  So I guess Ninja Club is relatively new but more excitingly, this place has RAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEN.  Yes, you read right, there’s finally a place in town that has good ramen!  Yes, yes, let’s forget about other Canadian cities for a moment (*cough cough Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver), that already have quality ramen.  All you need to know is Ninja Club has a pretty good bowl of ramen for Edmonton standards.

We went on a Thursday evening and the place was packed, with a 99% clientele ratio of Asians.  Hahaha, always a good sign.  The place is small but doesn’t feel cramped.  We were there for a late dinner so we luckily didn’t have to wait and were seated at the sushi bar (3 chairs total).  The owners/chef/waitress are both Japanese and they had everything running relatively smoothly.  The only suggestion I have is they could have bigger water cups…so dinky at the moment.

Tantan ramen ($12.00) with boiled egg ($1.00 extra)
Miso broth with spicy ground pork, baby corn (interesting), Japanese chili oil and vegetables. The ramen was surprisingly good. Slightly spicy (for my palate) and the noodles had a nice chew/bite to it. The bowl looks small when you get it but don’t worry young lass, it’ll fill you up.

Miso ramen ($10.00) with boiled egg ($1.00 extra)
Miso paste based broth with egg noodles, vegetables and char siu. I had a sip of the broth and it seemed good to me. My friend thought it wasn’t salty enough though.

Spicy salmon roll ($9.00)
You get eight pieces with fresh salmon, avocado, cucumber, spicy sauce and sesame seeds. These were decent rolls, I think my tastes have evolved though, not the biggest fan of rolls anymore. I’ll have to try their nigiri and sashimi next time.

I am stooooooooooooked that there’s finally a good ramen place in town.  Bonus that they are right on Whyte Ave.  Definitely give them a try, your belly will thank me.

Ninja Club
10324 – 82 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 705-8008

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