Model Milk

Second time eating at Model Milk’s Sunday supper – this time, the theme was Southern style.  Seriously, this is the best deal ($35/person) because you get a reediculoouus amount of food.  My sis loves this place so much that she wants to make it our go to spot whenever I come to visit cowtown.  High praise indeed.

This review’s going to be short and sweet (if you want to read more, check out my first visit).  Everything was delicious.  Service was top notch and once again, they were very accommodating and were able to adjust the dishes so that my sister could eat most of the food.

Crunchy fried oysters with slaw
I’m not normally a ‘slaw fan but this one was light and refreshing. A nice contrast to the fried oyster.

Shrimp and grits
Sooooo good, the shrimp were perfectly done.

Rabbit and peanut salad
I don’t remember much about ze rabbit but the salad was tasty.

Chicken and dumplings
A classic dish done to perfection. The dishes are separate so my sis could eat the chicken, which was moist and tender.

Country fried pork chops
Two monster sized pork chops that I had to eat ALL to myself. Seriously, in hindsight, I can’t even grasp how I finished both chops (BEAST MODE).

Okra stew
I’m a fan of okra, which I know a lot of people aren’t. These were good, no slimy taste/texture if you’re worried about that.

MM Hoppin’ john
A medley of different beans that were soft, tasty and a nice compliment to eat with the meat dishes.

Creamed potlikker greens
Hm, these greens I guess were a bit similar to collard greens? Nothing really pops back into my mind about it.

Chocolate pecan pie with buttermilk ice cream
Their ice cream is ridiculously good here. A nice scoop over a slice of chocolate pecan pie. Winner.

Peanut butter monster cookie
I don’t remember the exact name (it’s on their regular dinner menu) but it was monstrous. We were so stuffed near the end of our meal that we had to take this one home.

If you’ve never been to Model Milk yet, what are you waiting for?  Sunday Supper is the best deal in town.

Model Milk
308 17 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 265-7343

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