Dumplings the Restaurant

Dumplings the Restaurant is a little gem specializing in Szechuan cuisine.  When I first found out about them, I thought they only served dumplings but there is a good variety of dishes on the menu.  They are located in the same complex area as Zaika’s which is one of my favourite Indian buffets in the city.

Anyhoo, the lady that served us was great – very friendly and was happy to explain that all their dishes are made with a health minded approach and best of all, everything is MSG free!  A rare thing to find especially at an Asian restaurant.

12x dumplings ($11.95)
We asked for them to be grilled/pan fried and they came with a side bowl of spicy, tasty sauce. Nicely grilled, packed with a good amount of pork and the sauce was just dooope.

Rice dollar with vegetables ($12.95)
Only my second time eating rice dollars. This dish is growing on me as it’s a nice change of pace from your usual noodle dishes.

Wor won ton soup with shrimp ($13.00)
Soup surprisingly had a nice kick to it. A generous amount of wonton’s. Perfect for a cold, wintery Edmonton day.

Overall, I’m happy to finally have been able to try Dumplings.  The food is good, although next time we will have to tell them what spice level we want (according to their website, you can choose from mild to crazy spice!).  Crazy spice sounds gooooood.

Everything we ordered was tasty, definitely try out their dumplings.  They have a really good deal if you buy frozen dumplings to take home.

Dumplings the Restaurant
2431 Ellwood Drive
(780) 469-8885

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