Mean Poutine

So the first meal of our Vancouver trip ended up being Mean Poutine.  Why?  Well, our flight got delayed (one hour of de-frosting, are you kidding me!) so we couldn’t even make it to Guu.  Then we tried to go to The Moose Vancouver but their kitchen stopped serving food at 1:30am (laaaaaaaame) so that left us with Mean Poutine.  We were starved so we decided to get a couple things even though I’m not the biggest fan of poutine.

Mean Poutine has crazy late hours (11am-4am) so you know, at least, that they’ll be open after you stumble home from the bar.  Definitely would be better after a night out clubbing and/or drinking.  It did the trick for us after our uber long flight.

Fried chicken poutine ($9.00)
Brown gravy, fresh cheese curds, and buffalo chicken chunks. Not sure you could call these “fresh” cheese curds but hey, this ain’t Montreal.

Southern BBQ poutine ($10.00)
Slow roasted pulled pork, double smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and ranch dressing. I found the BBQ sauce a bit too sweet.

Crispy fries ($4.50)
Probably overdid it with all the fries we ordered but these were really good. Nice and hot, crunchy, add ketchup and you’re good to go.

Hilarious – their slogan is “Get drunk, eat poutine”.  Seems fitting.

Mean Poutine
718 Nelson Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 568-4351

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