The Bauernschmaus Austrian Restaurant

The Bauernschmaus is an interesting, if not difficult name to remember and pronounce. It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue nicely. A buddy of mine and I decided to check out this German/Austrian restaurant on a cold, first Sunday of winter for lunch. The place has an old school vibe to it and reminded me of being back at my grandma’s house.

From what I saw, I’m guessing that 99% of their clientele are regulars as many were dressed in their Sunday best and of a certain age (aka. old geezers). We were greeted rather rudely by one of the waiters when we first walked in (Urbanspoon never lies) but the waitress we had was nice enough. Also, I oddly got some stares from a few of said older clientele which was a tad off putting.

Don’t you just love when a restaurant has no website AND no menu to see beforehand? I took a few photos to remedy the situation. Most of the dishes are in the $15.00-18.00 price range but include a soup (goulash) or salad along with your choice of side.

Bread pork cutlet with mushroom cream paprika sauce ($11.50)
The sauce was delicious with the pork cutlet and the meat itself was tender (and not greasy as it was lightly fried). The dumpling was interesting to try as I’ve never had one before. The lunch deal is cheap but could have used more vegetables (two dinky carrots don’t cut it).

I picked the mixed salad and dumpling as my choice of side. I like how you can hear your meat being hammered back in the kitchen so you know it’s fresh.

Promenaden platte ($15.50)
Combination platter of breaded smoked pork loin, sausage and pork cutlet. I tasted a bite of the sausage which was quite good. My buddy enjoyed his as well but would have liked a sauce to go with his various meats.

Verdict? The food is decent but be prepared to wait. I’m not sure if I would go out of my way again to eat at the Bauernschmaus. German/Austrian food is heavy on the meat, deep fried and doesn’t have that oomph/flavour that makes me want to go back for more. If you want something simple, then definitely check them out. Look for the Centre 99 sign as it is located in quite the random spot.

The Bauernschmaus Austrian Restaurant
6796 – 99 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 433-8272

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