Don Day Korean

So question, is Calgary’s Don Day have any association with Edmonton’s Don Day? Same name, same cuisine, same good food, I see a pattern developing here. Then again, maybe not. We went to check out Don Day Korean on a Saturday evening. First thought – this place is authentic Korean. Ghetto chairs? Check.  BBQ grill on the table? Check. Soju? Check. Korean pop videos in the background? Check, check, check.

We were seated right in the corner (by the door) which surprisingly wasn’t too cold during our meal. They have hooks on the wall to hang your coat (smart) and heat lamps overhead to keep the place warm and cozy. I like the setup and humbleness of this place – this definitely would classify as a hole in the wall. Just a very chill place to grab some filling, delicious Korean food and drinks. It seemed like all the customers were Korean too! Reminded me a bit of my time in South Korea.

They have some specials up on their chalkboard but there was none for Saturday (weak!). My buddy had a few tips on what we should order so we went with that.

Pork bone soup ($37.50 for a large)
Spicy pork bone soup with potatoes, vegetables and roasted wild sesame seeds. This dish was absolutely massive. Tons of pork meat and flavour in this bad boy. We probably didn’t need to order a large but there were five of us, so technically speaking, it was reasonable.

BBQ pork shoulder ($29.50)
Thin slices of pork shoulder (no marinade) with lettuce, garlic and hot pepper. Don’t worry, this was about half of the meat picture below. They also brought us out fresh lettuce wraps and Korean chili sauce to make our own little meat sandwiches, if you will. Love Korean BBQ!

Spicy soft tofu stew ($11.99)
Spicy stew with soft tofu, seafood, egg and vegetables. This one was nice and spicy, not to mention piping hot. There’s something about soft tofu that is delicious and comforting at the same time.

Seafood pancake ($15.99) – mixed seafood and green onions. We all were in agreement that the pancake was lacking in depth and flavour. I’ve had much better elsewhere, skip it.

3x Rice ($1.50 each) – can’t believe we had to pay extra for rice. Gheeeettto.

What else can I say? Sweet spot located right in downtown Calgary with good food and a relaxed vibe. I know there’s lots of good Korean in town but this one hit the spot for us. Worth a try.

Don Day Korean
#101, 909 – 7 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 718-0358

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