Cafe del Sol

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Cafe del Sol. What can I say – new digs but same great food! Bonus points because we no longer have to drive all the way to ghetto east side to get good Mexican! Check out my first review here if you missed it.

We went for lunch on a Wednesday afternoon and the place is located right along the Yellowhead, in the strip mall where there is a McDonalds. I’m not sure what the place was before (pool hall maybe?) but it is definitely more spacious than the old digs. The place is bright and has a bunch of Mexican flags and decor set up throughout the space.

Anyways, for food, we may have over ordered (if that’s a thing):

Calamares ($13.00)
Lightly dusted and fried calamari that came with a jalapeno dip (not spicy). It was a bit on the small size but they were just as described.

Ceviche ($13.00)
Red snapper with pico di gallo, lime, a light clamoto broth and totopos. This dish grew on us the more spoonfuls we ate of it. Pretty good ceviche for Edmonton standards. Had some peppers mixed in that gave the dish a slight kick.

Chipotle chicken quesadilla ($14.00)
Polla tinga with sauteed bell peppers and onions. I’ve had their quesadilla before – this one was good but could have used more crunch/crispiness to it. It came with a side of beans (not pictured).

Pez tacos ($14.00)
Lightly battered fish, shredded cabbage slaw, pico di gallo and jalapeno aioli. We all agreed that the fish needed some sort of spice/flavour to it. It was very, very plain even with the side of guacamole that we orderded and added to try and liven up the tacos. Won’t be getting this one next time.

El Chancho torta ($14.00)
Two chorizo patties with grilled pineapple, jalapeno mayo and cheese. All stuffed into a satisfying ciabatta bun with lettuce and tomato. The chorizo patties were spot on and the spice they put on it was just plain delicious. We ordered a side of fries with it (they were undercooked but it’s a Mexican joint, so they’re forgiven).

Carnitas ($16.00)
This was everyone’s favourite dish of the day! Slow roasted pork served with cilantro and onions. The carnitas looked a bit on the dry side but looks are deceiving. They were tender and jam packed with flavour. Sooooo good. We ordered the sauteed onions as the side (a must!)

The waitress we had was awesome! I’m not sure why but they have limited service for lunch – there’s a buffet on for $13.00/person but we wanted to order a la carte. The kitchen were out of certain things (we tried to order their nachos but no dice). Hopefully they are as busy as they were at their old digs because this is still my favourite place for Mexican in town.

Cafe del Sol
14220 Yellowhead Trail
Edmonton, AB
(780) 488-0818

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