T.H.I.S. Place

Third time is the charm, T.H.I.S. Place, why can’t you be open on the weekends like any other normal restaurants? I finally was able to check out this small but cool café/coffee shop/restaurant on a Wednesday evening. There were only a few customers inside but the staff is very friendly and fast. All their offerings is up on the chalkboard walls along with local artist paintings and comfy booth seats to sit and relax in.

Apparently, they change their menu every few months (or at least when the seasons change) so when we were there, it was their new fall menu.

Limonade ($3.00) and Lemonade ($3.00)
Slightly on the sour, tart side but refreshing. You can tell it’s freshly squeezed! My friend ordered the lemonade and found it on the sweeter side but I took a sip and thought it was good. Could have used even more lemonade-ness, in my opinion.

Green curry with chicken ($12.00)
I had a nice discussion with one of the workers who explained that they can customize the level of spice that you want. As it was my first time, I got a level 2 spice level which gave it a slight level of heat to the dish. I would probably get a 4 next time (apparently someone has ordered 8 which is a lot). Anyways, the green curry came with zucchini, red peppers and bamboo shoots for vegetables and rice. Green curry is my favourite and T.H.I.S. place’s version was delicious. Gobbled up the whole bowl.

Chicken pho ($10.00)
They don’t normally do chicken pho but they were very accommodating for my friend. It was her first, yes you read that right, very first time trying pho. Sad eh? I guess better late than never. She’s one of those picky eaters but guess what – she loved it! Success. The pho bowl was smaller than what you normally get at other pho restaurants but this one was the perfect amount for my friend.

Overall, I’m happy that I was finally able to try them out. T.H.I.S. Place has a very calm, friendly vibe to it and obviously, G. Mac students must love this place. Looks like a solid place to study or even just to go and have a few drinks (coffee, tea, fresh squeezed juices – they have it all). Their name is kind of cheesy name (kind being a nice way to put it) but the food is good (which is all that matters), so they can cherish it for all it’s worth.

T.H.I.S. Place
10382 – 105 Street
Edmonton, AB
(587) 520-9159

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