Model Milk

I’m always so curious as to why/how restaurants come up with their names. Seriously, what does Model Milk mean? Why Milk? WHY? I’ll never know – I guess that’s why you are supposed to be inquisitive and ask questions. Anyways, we came here to try their Sunday Suppers ($35.00 per person) which is a great deal!

Three course meal which is split into appetizers, mains/sides and desserts. The theme for our evening was French and we lucked out and had a waiter who was fluent in French. We took advantage and practiced some of our French skills and surprisingly, it went pretty well. I understood everything the waiter said!

The place is very modern and trendy. We were seated in the main, middle area of the room where the tables are pretty close together. It was pretty entertaining to see the waiter squeeze into the one area to speak to a table and try to block out the other table through his body positioning. Service was great throughout our meal but our waiter forgot about my sis’s food exemptions for the first dishes. Luckily, we double checked with him and he made sure everything was fine for the rest of our meal.

Lentil salad with pickled beets and mustard vinaigrette
I love beets so much. These were flavourful and tender. Combine that with the mustard vinaigrette, which gave a nice tang to the dish, AND fresh dill, it was a great way to start our meal!

Potato leek soup
The soup was very rich and creamy. It’s a good thing that this was a small portion because if it was any more, it would have been too much.

Pork rillettes tartine
The rillettes reminded me of pâté. It was light with the bread adding a nice crunchy texture and the mayo sauce added a bit of creaminess to the dish. Good stuff.

Mains (with the sides)
Confit duck and turkey cassoulet with navy beans
Healthy navy beans, I can’t say I would ever think to make this at home. Only complaint was the small amount of duck/turkey in this dish.

Trout amandine with glazed baby carrots and fine herbs
The trout was cooked to perfection. The yellow and orange baby carrots were nice and tender. Look how bootiful the plating is!

Parisienne gnocchi with sauce soubise
The gnocchi were very lightly fried, which I don’t think I’ve ever had before. They were interesting but I think I prefer the traditional route. The soubise sauce was rich and creamy (soubise is based on a béchamel sauce but they add an onion puree to it).

Pear clafoutis
Came with a dollop of whipped cream and a sweet caramel sauce with candied bits/nuts. The clafoutis was light, almost airy and pear was spot on (I’m a sucker for any fruit desserts).

Vanilla ice cream (for my sister) – so creamy and delicious. I’m not sure if they made it in house but it sure tasted like it was.

This was a fantastic meal and despite a few small bumps in the service, I’d highly recommend it. If you’re going to book the Sunday Supper specials, make sure you reserve well in advance. I booked our reso a month beforehand. Great food for a great price, what are you waiting for? Check Model Milk out!

Model Milk
308 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 265-7343

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