Coco Deep Fried Chicken

Sometimes you just get a craving for KFC.  If you don’t know what KFC is, you’ve been missing out on the good things in life.  Korean fried chicken (aka. KFC) is Coco’s Deep Fried Chicken specialty.  It’s their bread and butter, so don’t come here expecting to see other Korean dishes on the menu.  Although, technically they have homemade chicken and waffles so that could be considered something different.

It was my first time here so I thought it would be the perfect time to bring along a good buddy of mine who has never had Korean food before, EVER, WHAT!  I’ve read some reviews on Coco’s and I have no idea what some people were complaining about – sure, it’s not the biggest restaurant out there but there is more than enough room to sit down and eat if you want to do that over take out.  There must be about 8-9 tables total. Bonus that there were lots of Koreans coming in to eat.

Set 1 ($29.99)
You get 10 pieces of KFC (half and half) plus your choice of any two drinks. We went with Cass Fresh (a Korean light beer) and Sapporo. I don’t usually order drinks with food but beer and KFC seem to be a match made in heaven. As for the fried chicken, it was spot on – crunchy, juicy and best of all, grease-less.

It’s tough to say which was better, the crispy deep fried chicken versus the sweet and hot sauce chicken, both were awesome!  However, if I had a gun to my head, sweet and hot sauce chicken would win although it’s in no way “hot”.  But who cares when it is seriously that tasty!

Sweet potato fries ($5.99 for a large)
Nice side dish to have with the chicken. The sweet potato fries were light, crispy but could have used some sort of sauce to go with them.

Anyways, great spot to get yur KFC’ness in.  Check them out especially if you’re doing some shopping at nearby South Edmonton Commons.  Seriously, how is a Puma outlet there and no one told me?

Coco Deep Fried Chicken
3350 Parsons Road Northwest
Edmonton, AB
(780) 990-4304

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