I’ve been wanting to check out Mamenche’s for awhile now and finally was able to do so, on an early Saturday evening with a couple of friends. The signage is tough to spot from the outside (my friends had trouble locating the place even though they knew the general location) – it is literally across the street from Victoria Composite High School. I like how “exquisite” is part of their tag line – definitely worthy of that!

In case you didn’t know, this is another Salvadorian restaurant in town (spoiler alert – PUPUSA time baby). We were greeted right away by the friendliest waitress/cook/owner and she went through the daily specials line by line with us. As you can see, there are a lot of specials!

She was very kind and explained a couple of things that we weren’t sure about that was on the menu. I forgot to take a picture of the drink list but they had some very cool options (cola champagne, horchata, arrayan, tamarindo and maranon). I will have to try the maranon (cashew fruit or caju from my Brazil knowledge which is freakin’ delicious).

3x Cola champagne ($2.00) – bright orange, it is lighter than a cola but darker than a cream soda. It reminded me of Soda Jones but less sugary and more flavourful (I had a sip). My friends really liked it, they said it tasted like cream soda to them.

Arrayan ($2.00)
Salvador’s version of guava, I really, really liked it and for only $2.00, it’s a steal. It was very light, refreshing and fresh (you could see/eat the seeds floating around at the bottom).

3x Chicken tacos ($7.50 for two)
Topped with tomatoes, onion, cilantro, avocado and lemon wedges. The chicken was just a bit dry but the corn tortilla was homemade (it could have been crispier to give it a much needed crunch/bite to it) and the avocado gave it a nice creamy texture. Maybe it’s just me but I still prefer Cafe del Sol’s tacos.

2x Zucchini & cheese and 2x spinach & cheese pupusas ($3.50 each)
These were their two special pupusas of the day. SO GOOD! Delicious especially with different vegetables filled inside of them. I had the zucchini and cheese pupusas. Definitely a must order while you are here! Comes with your typical curtido (pickled cabbage/onion/carrots) and salsa (a light tomato sauce).

2x Chicken tamales and 2x pork tamales ($3.00 each)
Nice and tender chicken, the tamales were full of flavour. The pork tamales had the bone still in it (so much more flavour!). Everyone really liked these and were a nice change from the other dishes (which were mostly chicken).

2x Enchiladas salvadorenas ($7.50)
Lightly fried corn tortillas topped with chicken, lettuce, feta cheese and hard boiled eggs. The eggs were silky soft and the feta gave it a nice subtle saltiness to the dish. Really simple but very well done.

8x Cheese empanadas ($3.00 each)
We originally ordered four empanadas but they were so good, my friends ordered another four at the end of our meal. Be prepared to wait a bit for these bad boys but daaayuuum, they are worth it. They came out piping hot but texture was perfect and the cheese was oozy goodness on the inside. Definitely get these too!

Yuca con chicarron ($9.00)
Fried cassava with pork. If you’ve never had cassava before, you are missing out. It’s similar to a potato (it’s a starchy root vegetable)and you can eat them like they are fries. I’ve had these in my Brazil trip and these were just as good. The pork rinds on top were crunchy, deep fried and fatty (but delicious) – share them and it’s all gooooood.

Great meal and prices are very reasonable. There’s a lot of interesting things to try on the menu (even though they really only have one page of dishes) so go out with a group of friends to try something new. When we were there, there were some locals playing guitar and singing some Salvadorian songs, which went nicely with the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Just make sure you try the pupusas!! The pupupizza sounds amazing too (only available on Sundays).

10831 – 101 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 497-0037

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