Shiki Menya

Gangsta music? Check.

Ramen? Check.

Home made noodles and only 150 bowls served per day? Check and check.

I’m pretty sure you already know about Shiki Menya if your a ramen fanboy/girl. I’ve been craviiiing a good bowl of ramen so rather than waste time and drop my bags off, I headed straight to Shiki Menya for an early Friday afternoon lunch.

I may have got there a tad earlier than anticipated (that’s why their sign says “sold out” but they just weren’t open yet) so I staked it out with a few other people that were lined up before their 11am opening. I didn’t realize that Black Pig Bistro is located right beside them! Will have to try them next time I’m in town. Calgary has too many good eats!

Anyways, my buddy arrived at the perfect time and we were able to walk in with the rest of the early ramen waiting peeps (about 15-20 people were in line by then). We each ordered our own bowl and did not have to wait long for our ramen.

Tonkatsu black ($14.00)
Comes with negi, soft tamago, menma, char siu, corn, black garlic oil, and squid ink garlic. Broth was good but a bit understated. Nothing really outstanding pops back into my mind when I try to recall the broth, I was hoping for more I guess with the additions of squid ink and garlic oil.

Goma mazemen ($14.00)
Negi, poached tamago, char siu, spring greens, dried chili, and sesame peanut tare. My friend said it was decent but it looked like a really small portion.

I really like the chill vibe and gangsta music. I will have to come back to try their chili goma ramen and then place my final judgement on Shiki Menya. Right now, I’m on the fence – it’s good but is it overhyped? I like that they make their noodles fresh and that they only offer 150 bowls per day. That’s legit. New school is cool but maybe old school is best ramen wise, we’ll see.

Shiki Menya
827 1st Avenue NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 454-2722

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