Sagar East & West Indian Restaurant

Sagar is located in a random spot (although it’s right by Sherbrooke Liquor Store) along the traffic circle on 118 Avenue. You’re in for a pleasant surprise when you first walk into the restaurant. It’s surprisingly very nice inside (although their artwork is crooked according to my friend). Service is friendly and our drinks were constantly filled while we went back and forth to help ourselves to the lunch buffet. Did I mention the lunch buffet is SO CHEAP! $12.50/person is a steal especially with the variety you get.


Mixed platter
Pumpkin exotica – first time I’ve had a pumpkin dish Indian style. It was actually very good, nice chunks of pumpkin and pineapple in it to give some sweetness to the dish.

Caribbean style soup – a bit of noodles, carrots and potatoes. It could easily be mistaken as vegetable soup but this one was much more flavourful.

Vegetarian pakoras

Fish pakoras – very light and tender. My friend really liked the fish pakoras but I thought they could have used a bit more flavour and could have been warmer (they were lukewarm at best).


Vegetarian biryani – nice contrast to the regular rice dish they offered. Biryani had a nice mix of vegetables and coriander in it.

Dal tarka – spicy lentil dish that was actually spicy!

Butter chicken – I like how it wasn’t too heavy/creamy like the ones you normally get in town.  As always, great sauce for your naan bread!

Curry goat – went hard on the seconds for the goat curry.  Nice and tender, fall off the bone curry goat goodness.

Beef vindaloo

Gulab jabun and fresh fruit – for dessert (pineapple, honey dew and cantaloupe), it was fresh, fluffy and they bring it to your table without even having to ask for it!

Chai latte – complimentary cup that we took to go. Great way to end our meal.

All in all, very filling meal and pretty good food for the price that you pay. Will have to try their dinner buffet to see what other things they offer (dinner is $16.50 I believe). They had some other menu items that looked promising.

Sagar East & West Indian Restaurant
11835 St. Albert Trail
Edmonton, AB
(780) 455-6590

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