Swiss Donair

I know this might sound ridiculous but this was my very first time trying out Swiss Donair. What’s my excuse? I dunno brah, I dunnno. I made it out for lunch on a Friday and the place was packed with high school kidlets. Always a good sign, especially when most of them were Lebanese – always follow the people in the know and you can’t go wrong.

I already knew what I wanted so I ordered and waited patiently while my mouth and stomach growled in anticipation.

Regular chicken donair combo (#6) ($12.00)
I was pleasantly surprised by how good the donair was. Good amount of chicken, perfect amount of garlic sauce (not doused like other places) and the pita was nicely warmed.

Substituted for onion rings ($1.00 extra)
Onion rings were crisp and lightly battered. I was debating whether to order a regular vs. jumbo donair. Verdict = depends on how hungry you are. The regular is enough to fill you without being overly stuffed (aka. you can still do work when you get back to the office).

I noticed that there is another donair shop, Top Donair, that is literally right beside them. Will have to try them next as a comparison! Anyways, Swiss Donair is a keeper – good food, fast service and open late Friday/Saturday nights (till 11pm).

Swiss Donair
8308 – 144 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 377-7777

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