Northern BBQ House

Ok peeps, seriously, if you want a real hidden gem in Etown, look no further than Northern BBQ House. This place fits the bill: it’s small, randomly located north of Chinatown and you’ll pass it without blinking an eye if you’re not specifically looking for it (hint look for the blue awning, left side of the street if driving north). My buddy and I went on a Wednesday evening and it was pretty much empty except for two other tables. The service is typical Asian style but let’s be real for a sec – you ain’t coming here for the service. It’s all about the food, dawg (that’s right, dawg as in Randy Jackson American Idol when it was popular style). The place itself is very minimal/bare but their menus are surprisingly impressive.

We decided to order a ton of skewers to share and a couple other dishes. All the skewers were great although some of them could have came out hotter. I’m not sure if they were waiting for each batch to cook but they should just bring them out right away. It would be that much better!

4x Lamb skewers ($1.50 each) and 4x Eggplant skewers ($1.00 each) – we both agreed the lamb was our favourite skewers of the night. So good, nicely spiced and with a bit of heat to them. I will have to order more vegetables next time, eggplant were so good!

2x Beef skewers ($1.25 each) and 4x pork skewers ($1.25 each)
The beef and pork skewers look and tasted almost identical.

4x Pork belly skewers ($1.50 each) – we could taste the delicious fat on these bad boys.

4x Bacon enoki mushroom skewers ($1.50 each)
Bacon makes everything better right? Yep, although call me crazy, I probably would have liked them just as enoki skewers (which they have for the same price…)

4x Squid skewers ($1.50 each)
Also freakin’ delicious. These were slightly spiced but super tender.

4x Fried leek dumplings ($2.00 each)
We wanted to order their other dumpling dishes but they were out apparently (not sure how as we were the first to order that night). All good though because we ordered the fried leek dumpling instead and they were BOMB. Juicy, piping hot, definitely a must order.

Noodles with soybean paste ($7.00)
Simple but tasty noodle dish with a bit of scallions, pork, shaved carrots and cucumbers. I’m a sucker for good noodles.

This place is a gem. As long as you can be patient and maybe bring someone along that can speak Chinese (they only have one person that speaks English), you’ll be golden. The best you’ll find in town to satisfy those Chinese skewer cravings.

Northern BBQ House
10824 – 97 Street
Edmonton, aB
(780) 760-1110

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