B’s Diner

If you’ve never heard of B’s Diner before, welcome to the club. Located on the east side of the tracks on Whyte, you’ll easily pass their sign if you aren’t looking specifically for it. However, it is definitely worth seeking out. I was shocked/impressed that they have an actual nice, quaint little patio outside to eat and people watch. This would definitely be an awesome little spot in the summer, reminds me of Montreal a little bit.  Hidden gem indeeed (just look for Daawat and it is just a bit west of the Indian restaurant).

We went on an early Friday for dinner and there were only a couple people inside mulling around. One super easy going lady was working the whole restaurant (waitress, runner, chef) – impressive! Don’t know how she does it when it gets busy but big props to her. They had some chill beats going on in the background, a little hippity hop, which I am always in approval of.

Buta belly ramen burger ($11.00)
If you’ve never had a ramen burger (my first time!), it’s worth a try. The ramen is cooked so the noodles are soft and tender and stuffed with pork belly, arugula (more like mixed greens), green onions and a spicy Japanese mayo sauce. The sauce had just a hint of spice to it but gave the burger a nice kick. The ramen burger was good but the amount of ramen noodles in it was a bit overwhelming for me. A bit too much gluten pour moi.

Vietnamese lemongrass pork ($15.00)
One of their special dishes for the evening. Came with a fried egg, cucumber and tomato garnish, spring rolls and jasmine rice. The spring rolls were dope! I don’t usually brag about how good spring rolls are but these were perfectly crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. The jasmine rice was disappointing – you need to dump the fish sauce over it to give it any sort of taste. Overall, dish wasn’t bad but wasn’t impressive either. Should have tried the polish potato pancake with schnitzel instead!

The dish also came with choice of either soup (borscht or miso) and salad (just a tossed salad according to our waitress). Easiest choice – BORSCHT all the way. At a diner? Hell’s yeah. The soup was flavourful and full of delicious beet(ness). Mix in the dollop of sour cream and you are golden.

We ended our meal with a complimentary cookie from the chef. How sweet of her! M&M chocolate chip cookie – they were a bit hard but whatever, they were free. Will have to come back to try out their Polish dishes and perogies for sure next time. Dingy but interesting hole in the wall diner that is worth a try.

B’s Diner
10037 – 82 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 414-6040

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