Shanghai 456

What’s there to say about Shanghai 456 other than amazing! That and their XLB’s are heavenly. Xiao long baos, I could eat these by the dozen…everyday. I’ve been to Shanghai 456 over half a dozen times by now (back when they were located at their original, old school cafeteria digs by the old municipal airport) and it always hits the spot. Their newest location (relatively new), is just as ghetto (which I love), is in a random industrial area. Just look for the red awning, which of course, has no name on it. I actually love their sign. Hilarious how small it is.

Anyways, our latest trip to the ‘456 was on a Sunday for lunch with the fam jam. There were six of us and we were hungry.

Xiao long bao ($7.50)
Six of the most glorious, let me suck out all the delicious soup from you dumplings that you can find in town. Honestly, they are that good. Heck, we saw another table order 5 of just XLB’s…or was it 6? Basically, you need to order this when you go!

Special fried rice with shrimp, BBQ pork and mixed vegetables ($11.95)
A nice change from your usual Chinese style fried rice. This one was tasty without being overloaded in salt and soya sauce. Fresh and fried very nicely.

1/2 Drunken chicken ($17.95)
The chicken comes out cold style but wow, it was super flavourful. Tender and marinated with a soya sauce/wine base. Definitely a winner. It also came with a side of pickled vegetables (radishes, carrots, cabbage, etc.).

Green beans with X.O. sauce ($11.95)
Another must order dish! This is a dish I wish I could replicate at home. Crisp but still tender green beans with dried shrimp, garlic and the infamous XO sauce.

Rice cake sautéed with pork, chinese spinach and bamboo shoot ($10.95)
First time ever ordering this dish and we were pleasantly surprised. The rice cakes were really tasty and a nice change of pace from your usual Shanghai noodles order.

Prawns in mayo sauce with peaches ($15.50)
One of their special items on their Chinese only menu. It was smothered in mayo sauce (too much) but the prawns were tasty. It was lukewarm though when it should have been piping hot and crispy.

Shredded turnip and ham puff pastry ($4.75)
Two big puff pastries stuffed with ham and shredded vegetables. They cut them in half for you to share – similar to the football’s you get in dim sum but these are better and less greasy.

Shanghai sticky rice roll with Chinese long donut ($5.25)
I’m not a fan of the Chinese “donuts”, essentially just dough. My sis thought this was something else when she ordered it. Just glutinous.

Sweet eight treasure sticky rice ($5.75)
Just like loo mai fun when you go to dim sum. Sweet and salty. We clearly ordered too many rice dishes but that’s what happens when your sis is gluten AND can’t eat eggs. Yikes.

Mango pudding
Complimentary dessert – always the best way to end a meal. So soft, silky and smooth.

Anyways, you want Shanghainese food? Go to Shanghai 456. You want XLB’s? Go to Shanghai 456. You want good food? You know where to go.

Shanghai 456
14456 – 118 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 451-8333

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