D’Amore Deli

So D’Amores might just be my new go to spot for when I have a hankering for some deliciously grilled sandwiches. Lucky me, there are actually some good places to eat near my work (who knew? Apparently industrial areas are DIMES). Having recently tried their latest branch, D’Amore Mecanto’s, I knew I had to try out the original, which has been in business for almost 40 years. What??? Why have I never heard of this place before then? Yes, yes, I know I’m repeating myself.

D’Amore Deli is very similar in style to it’s newer, slicker sister counterpart (why is it not brother?) but on a much smaller, compact scale. Inside, there’s only one table for four and a couple counter chairs (about 8 stools) that look out onto the street. Desserts at the front of the counter and frozen lasagna/pasta/tiramisu/gelato in the freezer at the back along with fresh bread and other Italian goodies. Take a look while you wait patiently for your sandwich to be grilled – both times that I’ve been there, there has been a constant (but steady) lineup. Reminds of me of that song (rob the jewellery store and tell ’em make me a grillz).

Anyways, for food, I was with co-workers for two separate trips. That’s right, you get a two-for-one special post on this bad boy.

Trip #1

Chunks of potato soup ($3.00 large)
Lives up to its names with lots of potato chunks in it. Very flavourful but not heavy as you would expect from a normal, usually creamy potato soup.

Chili ($5.00 large)
My co-worker had this one and he thought it was great. That’s a bunch of fresh parmesan cheese on top (which they ask if you want before putting on).

Prosciutto and bocconcini ($8.00 large)
Lightly grilled but we both wished that the sandwich itself was hotter. It was only lukewarm, if that. Comes with hot peppers (not actually hot), tomato, veggie spread and olive oil dressing. Bocconcini and prosciutto compliment each other very nicely.

Penne pasta with meat sauce ($7.00 full order)
I asked for the marinara sauce but they messed up and gave us the meat sauce. While the pasta was very simple, it was done well and tasted great. Fresh and homemade is the best.

Trip #2

2x Chicken cutlet sandwich ($8.00 large) – this is their Wednesday sandwich special. Chicken cutlet with hot peppers, onions and house dressing. My poor co-worker said her mouth was on fire from the hot peppers (no idea how, see above). I told her she’ll slowly become immune to spicy food the more she eats with me. Win-win). Tasty sandwich and  again, nicely perfectly grilled.

Risotto soup ($3.00 large)
Slightly spicy, homemade risotto soup. It also came with a good amount of vegetables in it – just think of minestrone soup with the addition of rice. Nice and piping hot.

Grilled club ($8.00 large) – roast beef, turkey breast, ham with mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, and house dressing  My other co-worker’s sandwich was stuffed to the brim with meat! Definitely will need to try this one next time.

Roast beef ($6.00 regular) – roast beef with mozzarella, onions, hot peppers, mayo, mustard and house dressing. Co-worker was stuffed, even with just a regular.

2x Portuguese natas ($1.50 each) – yes, I know, we got natas at an Italian place. My co-worker, who apparently loves natas, was not impressed. In my opinion, they weren’t bad. They did taste much better when I heated them up in the toaster oven at work versus eating them cold. I tried to warn my co-worker that it’s probably not the best idea to order a Portugese speciality at an Italian place but no one listens to me…

2x Cannoli ($2.50 each) – very flaky, didn’t try the cannoli’s myself but they looked good.

3 Layer tiramisu ($12.00) – we brought this back to share with the rest of the staff and to celebrate my bday (woo me). It wasn’t bad but some spots had that freezer/ice burn taste to it which was off putting. I still think I make a better tiramisu (slightly biased towards my self. Definitely debatable).

Great place to go for lunch. Get there early to beat the lunch rush or be prepared to wait patiently while your mouth drools uncontrollably.

D’Amore Deli
12943 – 127 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 455-5233

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