Cedar Sweets

Cedar Sweets is another hidden gem located in the same tiny strip mall as Sunbake Pita Bakery. We passed by this quaint Middle Eastern bakery last time and from the outside (meaning we peered from the outside longingly), everything looked delicious. We decided to check it out this time after having lunch at Sunbake.

We walked in and were greeted by one of Cedar’s workers, who unfortunately to say, was pretty unhelpful. My friend and I were asking her what a couple things were but we kept on getting back one word answers. Pretty helpful when you don’t know what most of the desserts are in store besides the baklava (here spelt baklawa).

Rant – this is for bakeries in general but why do 99% of them refuse to put tiny little name tags with a little description and price beside them so that you know what it is? Seems simple enough right? I’m sure they get asked the same question 1000x each day so why not make it easy on everyone? I get it if you want your customer/client to ask questions so that you can interact with them but if your not planning to do that, then it seems like a pretty easy thing to implement. Rant over.

Baklawa ($8.00)
Anyways, we bought an assorted box of baklawa ($24.99/kg). You can choose from two different size boxes (small and medium) – we went with small and got a variety of baklawa pieces. Verdict – so delicious! They were super fresh, sweet (but not too sweet) and melt in your mouth goodness. Could have ate a whole box myself but a) that’s unhealthy and b) we nice people so we shared with the rest of our co-workers back in the office.

Definitely worth a visit if you are in the ‘hood and can extract info from the lady manning the front. Or maybe bring someone that knows Lebanese sweets to give you the low down on what’s good.

Cedar Sweets
10710 – 134 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 479-2292

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