Xu Hue

Being such a nice and genuinely awesome guy (I should also put in humble while I’m at it), I’m starting this review by looking out for you. How so? Well, if you were planning to, for example, go to Xu Hue on a Wednesday evening, you would be in for major disappointment.  Yep, they are inexplicably open only from 11am to 4pm Wednesday’s – you’ve been warned!

The following week, I went back to Xu Hue on a Tuesday evening for dinner with three friends and this time, they were open for business. The place is your typical Asian restaurant – hard seats, white walls, TV (U.S. Open on – win!) and random Asian decorations. I’m pretty sure if the seats are hard and uncomfortable, you know the food will be good. Just a tip I’ve picked up over the years.

A good Viet buddy of mine recommended Xu Hue as they are known for having several local/regional dishes that are hard to find in other Edmonton Vietnamese restaurants. So, with that, we decided to order a couple appetizers to share.

Green onion cakes ($4.50 for two)
These were surprisingly delicious. Add some of their chili hot sauce to it (which was also awesome – definitely had some good heat to it). We devoured these like they were going out of style.

Banh xeo ($6.95)
Apparently these pan fried Vietnamese crepes are super hard to find in town. Comes with a side of lettuce and fresh basil. It was very crunchy and the insides consisted of bean sprouts, shrimp and sliced pork. Also came with a fish sauce to dip with. I was expecting the banh xeo to be delicious but we all concluded it was very average. Not bland but just very ordinary.

2x Bun bo hue (spicy) ($9.95)
Two friends ordered this and it looked/smelled delicious. They both were big fans.

Five colour vermicelli ($10.95)
Spring rolls, pork, shrimp, beef and chicken.

Fish sauce noodle soup (spicy) ($9.95)
I ordered this dish. The broth was on the sweeter side compared to other pho places in town. As well, the broth tasted much more subtle, almost cleaner if that makes sense. I overheard the owner saying that there is no MSG in it, which I like. I also really liked the noodles – they were different from the normal rice noodles you get. Yum.

Solid pho place in Chinatown with a lot of interesting/different dishes on their menu. To quote Tom Haverford, “Treat yo’ self”.

Xu Hue
10548 – 97 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 426-7775

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