Enzo’s on 76

So while this is my second time visiting Enzo’s on 76, I’m still not too sure how I feel about it. I went last year when they first opened (it was absolutely packed) and had issues with their service/staff. This time, I went with four friends and it wasn’t busy at all. Most likely because it was September long weekend but we were there on a Saturday evening (around 8pm).

Once again, service was odd – the waitress we had only brought us four menus (instead of five) and she didn’t know things like the price of the daily special. She also was giving us a bit of an attitude (maybe she was tired from a long night?). Either way, it was a bit off putting which makes me caution whether to recommend Enzo’s to anyone. It’s better than average but not good enough to say it’s good. And with issues with service twice? I dunno bro, I dunno. I do like how it is an intimate and cozy neighbourhood restaurant. It has a very dark, romantic vibe to it and interesting paintings along the wall (at least my friends were intrigued by them).

We were starved after an intense game of TTR (yeah, that’s right I described a board game as being intense, deal with it).

We each ordered our own entrée:

Linguini amatrician ($16.00)
Spicy capicollo with mushrooms and onions in tomato sauce. I ordered this and while it was good, I wasn’t that impressed. The pasta was cooked nicely but they were lacking in the mushrooms and onion department. Their dishes still don’t beat Cafe Amore nor the well-established Italian places in the west end (Tasty Tomato and Piccolino’s).

Penne con lagostino é pollo ($19.00) – real lobster pieces, chicken, diced tomatoes and green onion over a cayenne cream sauce. I would have ordered this if my buddy hadn’t! Can’t go wrong with real lobster in your pasta. He loved it, absolutely couldn’t stop raving about it afterwards.

Pollo marsala ($26.00) – pan seared chicken breast with sautéed mushrooms over a marsala cream sauce. Came with a starter salad and small penne pasta.

Penne bolognese ($16.00) – plain and simple with their homemade meat sauce. As my friend said, she usually orders the bolognese to determine if the restaurant is worthy of pasta greatness. I guess it’s kind of like how you order the margherita pizza when you go to a pizzeria.

Rigatoni al forno ($17.00) – baked rigatoni in a tomato sauce with a MASSIVE amount of mozzarella cheese. I had a small bite of my buddy’s dish and it was pretty tasty. I would definitely consider ordering it for myself if I were to come back again. He ate it all but I saw he left a bunch of cheese on his plate (like I said, there was a bit too much cheese smothering his pasta).

Sorry for the lack of pictures but the lighting wasn’t ideal. On the bright (or better yet, dark side), it’s a decent spot for a romantic dinner.

Enzo’s on 76
11214 – 76 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 800-1976

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