Noodle Feast: The Taste of Northern China

You know when you read your favourite food blog site and they start it off by saying “I debated whether to tell you about this hole in the wall/gem that I found”. Well, that’s exactly how I feel as I write this post up. Sorry (not sorry) – the secrets out on Noodle Feast.

We went to check out Noodle Feast on a Sunday evening and the place was bumping! 99% of people were Asian and all speaking mando, which is always a really, really good sign. The place is small (and you guessed it, has hard seats). They could easily pack more tables in (they should really fix there layout to maximize capacity – it’s called operations management, duhhh) but there are only two staff working tables so maybe that’s not the greatest idea.

The menu consists of a whooping grand total of one page (another good sign) where you tick off what you want to order. They had a lot of things crossed out, HAND PULLED NOODLES being one of them, which was super disappointing. Will have to try those out for sure next time.  Moral of story – go early.

Chinese chive and pork dumplings ($10.95)
You get 14 delicious, made with love, and oh so tender dumpling goodness. Seriously, they were that good – best I’ve had in Edmonton (note – not including XLB’s which are a completely different beast). Order this immediately!

Sliced noodle served with minced pork sauce and hot chili oil ($11.95)
I was pleasantly surprised that there was vegetables in our dish! The noodles, hot chili oil, pork and chili flakes all worked together to give you a delicious, slightly burning/numb sensation. Probably not the best way to describe it but it was goooooood.

Diced pancake stew in lamb soup ($16.95)
Only served on the weekends so I wanted to try one of their speciality dishes. The “diced pancake” was different, I actually have no idea why it’s called that. The lamb was tasty though and the broth, while simple, grew on me after each bite.

Soy milk glass ($2.00) – my friend kept on hearing everyone ordering this so we gave it a shot. I didn’t think it was that special but it tasted different than your normal soy milk. Slightly sweeter and rice based. Good if you can’t handle heat – so maybe get this if you order the noodles with hot chili oil.

Trip #2
Rolling noodle in special sour and spicy soup with pork and vegetables ($11.95)
Wow, this was amazing. Not spicy but the perfect amount of sourness to the bowl. So good you want to drink every last drop of soup.

Pork hand pulled noodle ($13.95)

Hand pulled noodles = the bomb. This picture doesn’t even do it justice but look how thick, delicious those noodles look. I’m drooling just thinking about it again. A must order when you go.

Chinese pork burger ($7.50)
IMG_1868A tad on the expensive side for one burger but it’s definitely worth a try. Crunchy, tantalizing pork on the inside, it’ll be gone before you know it.

Seriously, I can’t even express how happy I am that I found this place. It reminds me of this awesome, hole in the wall in Montreal that also served northern Chinese food (Maison du Nord). It’s as close a find that I’ll get here in Edmonton – heck, it might even be better!

Noodle Feast: The Taste of Northern China
3440 – 99 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 439-8088

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