Lee House

It’s always nice when you find a place that is:
1)  Good (most important)
2)  That you’ve never heard of (slightly less important, however, could be considered more important if bragging rights are on the table)

The interesting thing is that I’ve been sooooooooo close to Lee House and never caught a glance of their storefront. I place blame on their location, which is tucked away in the very end corner of a random strip mall.

Lucky for me, I know a food(ie) that knows a thing or two about knowing good places to eat at (knowing is knowledge, yo). The place is small but has a very homely feel to it. We felt at ease the moment we walked in the front door. A good sign indeed.

Braised radish, kimchi and seaweed. The seaweed was delicious (should have asked for more!) while the braised radish had a nice kick to it. Kimchi was so-so but take that with a grain of salt as I’m not the biggest fan (overdosed in South Korea a few years ago and never recovered).

Budae jjigae ($35.95)
Spicy kimchi stew with ham, sausage pork, noodles and vegetables. All you need to know is it was delicious AND massive. We ate over half and it barely looked like we scratched the surface. The dish also comes with two bowls of rice. Basically, just order it! Wohoo for leftovers the next day.

Only small criticism I have is the use of cheap quality meats (salty ham and sausage pork which tasted like hot dog meat, ugh). They had thin sliced pork in the dish, which they really should use instead. Quality over quantity any day pour moi. Can’t wait for Lee House to open their Korean BBQ joint in Chinatown! Edmonton is sorely missing one of those. In the meantime, give them a try. The chicken balls is also supposed to be good. You can thank me later.

Lee House
7904 – 104 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 438-0790

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