Cibo Bistro

Best lunch deal! That’s all you need to know about Cibo Bistro. We finally were able to try Cibo out on a Friday afternoon and it met all of our expectations and more.

Well, almost all of them – only hiccup was our waitress who gave us some serious attitude (no idea why, it was a glorious sunny day and my bday). Lucky for us, we don’t let things like poor service get in the way and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Someone should probably teach her to at least “fake it”, after all it is a higher end restaurant. Waitressing 101 no?

Arancini ($8.00)
Four lightly fried, stuffed balls of risotto, sweet peas and mint, lemon mascarpone, fontina cheese and pecorino. Nicely battered, gooey and hot inside, it was a good way to start off our meal.

Meatball sandwich ($13.00)
Prosciutto, wilted arugula, tomato basil jam and smoked mozza. Your choice of soup or salad – I picked the latter which was arugula salad with walnuts, honey crisp apple slices and thinly shaved pecorino. A slightly tangy sweet lemon vinaigrette dressing. Yum.

Grilled pizza ($14.00)
Calabrese, smoked apple, beach mushroom, arugula and fontina. The dough was definitely homemade and almost like a pita but more hefty/chewier. It was, for better lack of words, delicious (my buddy and I split both of these dishes. Sharing is caring).

Bucatini ($13.00)
Tomato sauce, peperoncini, asparagus, roasted garlic and parsley.

Panna cotta ($10.00)
Vanilla panna cotta with fresh raspberries, black pepper and Limoncello syrup. The raspberries were so sweet and complimented perfectly with the panna cotta. The cotta was light and the syrup gave it just the right amount of lemon flavour to the dessert. Perfect.

2x Coffee – my two co-workers said the coffee was excellent. Funny how people are so obsessed with coffee. Apparently, it’s better to put your sugar in first, then stir it in before you pour in the cream. Gives it a smoother, better taste to it. My response – who cares (quick backstory – I don’t drink coffee).

A MUST if you are free during lunch to check it out. Prices are very reasonable ($13-14 for your main) and the quality is top notch. I guess you could go for dinner but it’s going to cost you a pretty penny ($$$ if you know what I’m saying). I’ll stick with lunch!

Cibo Bistro
11244-104 Avenue
(780) 757-2426

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