Boualouang Laos and Thai Cuisine

Edmonton does surprisingly well when it comes to eating out at Thai restaurants. I have no idea why that is but I won’t/can’t complain about it too much. Even more surprisingly is the fact that I’ve never been to Boualouang restaurant, although I have ate at Sai Woo and surrounding restaurants on 97 Street a million times. If we get technical, I’ve been in Boualouang’s presence, that counts right? Seriously though, I should have been eating here over restaurants-that-will-not-be-named (get it?)

Anyways, there were five of us that arrived for a Saturday dinner and we were seated right away (reservations I would say is a wise choice). Boualouang has a more upscale décor/vibe to it compared to the other Thai restaurants in town (I’m talking Viphalay and Numchok Wilai if your curious to compare).  I like all three of them but Boualouang is definitely the more expensive Thai restaurant out of those.

Mango salad ($12)
Comes with thinly sliced mango, shrimp, onion, mint leaves, cilantro and topped with peanuts. The sweet hot sauce gives it a nice mix of flavours – hot and sweet. YUM. This was great (we were also debating between the papaya salad which sounded delicious).

Tom yum ga tee soup ($14)
Tom yum soup = heaven in a bowl. Again, perfect balance of spicy/hot and sour. A staple to order whenever you go to a Thai restaurant. This one also came with chicken and mushrooms. My mouth is starting to salivate just thinking about it.

Pad thai ($17)
What’s there to say about pad thai? Nicely done here with your usual ingredients (bean sprouts, green onions, carrots, tofu and roasted peanuts). We liked how the sauce wasn’t overtly sweet. Once again, the dish was well balanced.

Pad kee mouw (drunken noodles) ($17)
Another delicious noodle dish. This drunken noodle was particularly healthy (cabbage, broccoli, basil, onions and fresh chilies) and not overdosed in sauce (bonus!). Really good. I thought two noodle dishes might be too much but it worked out nicely for us.

Kaeng phet pet yaang ($18)
Red curry in coconut milk with roasted duck, lychee, cherry tomato and mushroom. It also comes with a bowl of steamed rice. I generally prefer green curry to red as it usually has more flavour. This one was about that – good but nothing remarkable about it pops back into my mind.

Barbequed pork skewers ($12) – these were disappointing. Dry and overcooked, definitely not worth the $12. You also only get four skewers.

If you’re looking for some delicious Thai in a slightly pricier/more upscale environment, look no further than Boualouang. Nestled right along 97 Street, you can’t miss it.

Boualouang Laos and Thai Cuisine
10569 – 97 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 423-4207

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