Kenko Japanese Cuisine

I love finding hidden gems in town, especially when it comes to sushi restaurants. I’m pretty sure Khaleesi’s dragons have a better chance of being real than the elusive, quality sushi joint in Edmonton. Alas, I think I may have found it!

Kenko Japanese Cuisine, tucked inside the same spot as B-Bim-Baap (delicious Korean by the way) was awesome. I remember going into B-Bim-Baap last year and seeing the signs that a new sushi restaurant would be opening up. I also remember being confused, wondering how two restaurants in one place would work. Are they owned by the same people? Either way, I was excited with the prospects and finally was able to try it out on a Wednesday evening with three friends.

We were the first group of customers to arrive but a couple other groups trickled in throughout the evening. As other people have said, Kenko is gorgeous inside and has a very laid back, cool vibe to it. A complete contrast to what you would expect when you first walk into B-Bim-Baap/the entrance. There was only one waitress but she was fantastic.

Anyways, for food, despite having a slightly picky eater (can’t do spicy? What? Tres lame), we ordered and shared a couple dishes. We stuck mainly with rolls (all came with 8 pieces) but I will have to come back to try their sashimi and nigiri.

Assorted tempura ($12.95)
Nicely battered with shrimps and an assortment of vegetable tempura. Sauce complimented the tempura very well. Great start to our meal.

TNT roll ($11.95)
One of their two Wednesday specials (you save $2). Avocado, cucumber, crab stick, tempura shrimp, masago, sesame seeds and three special sauces. TNT roll was dynamite! The sauces they used were amazing, you could eat it all by itself. An explosion of flavours in your mouth. We debated whether to order another one.

Maui roll ($13.95)
Crab stick, avocado, sliced tuna, tempura salmon and special sauce. Whatever is in their special sauce, it is gold. Everything worked beautifully together, another great roll to try.

Rainbow roll ($13.95)
Crab stick, cucumber, avocado, tobiko, avocado, sesame seeds with an assortment of fish. Your standard, reliable rainbow roll.

Hawaiian roll ($13.95)
Avocado, cucumber, avocado and red tuna. This one I enjoyed way more than the rainbow roll.

Smoked salmon maki ($4.95)
6 pieces of smoked salmon maki. I didn’t get to try it (all gone before I got a chance) but it looked tasty.

Deep fried banana tempura dessert ($11.95)
Kenko only has one dessert option but it is so good. Comes with two ice cream scoops, but the waitress overheard us debating which to get and brought us three (so sweet of her). We had vanilla, mango and green tea. The banana was nicely battered on the outside, sweet and savoury on the inside. Paired together = tasty goodness. Definitely get it!

All the plates are beautifully decorated and look like pieces of food art.  You can tell the sushi chefs put great care/attention to detail in their craft.  It’s definitely worth the drive out to the middle of nowhere, industrial area where Kenko is located.  Great place to take a date or celebrate a special occasion.

Kenko Japanese Cuisine
9543 – 42 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 485-0021

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