Man, you know when you see someone’s food pictures and all you want to do is run to that restaurant to try it? Welcome to my world. I saw Cin’s pictures and couldn’t get Rostizado’s chicken/pork/churros out of my mind. Too bad the pictures were better than the meal we had. Not that Rostizado’s is bad or anything – unfortunately, overpriced is the word that keeps popping into my mind.

As a group of 5, we decided to check out Rostizado’s during their opening weekend (another bad idea as I generally wait for a restaurant to get the kinks out). We arrived at 6:30pm and were told that we had to wait for about 30 minutes. Not a big deal as they have two comfy couches to chill out at and you can order drinks/appetizers while you wait. They bring you out this small bowl of chick peas/nuts/other stuff (a satisfying bowl of bar snacks, if you will) that is SO good. I could have ate a couple bowls to myself…but I’m nice and shared it with the group.

The place itself is gorgeous and everything is open concept style. Take a peek at the kitchen where you can see the chickens roasting in the background. Wow. I also like how they use the old school vinyl’s to play music. You are most definitely paying for the trendy, cool atmosphere.

Other things – one friend pointed out the logo looks like it came from Tinder (that cracked me up) and the way the servers use iPads to take your order is very efficient but lacks a bit of warmth/customer service. As well, I found it odd how the server kept on having to come back to our table to refill our glasses for water. Why not just leave a bottle or two on the table, it would make life easier for everyone.

While we waited, my friends ordered a couple bebidas (beer, lemon, and a couple of their specialty drinks) and perused the menu.

For food, we split our table in half for sharing and so that we could try a few more dishes off their menu.

Rosto-pollo ($32.00 half order) – one pair of friends shared this and had to order more tortillas. They weren’t very impressed with the chicken but did consume all of it. No chance you’re wasting $32.00 for half a chicken!

Chips and salsa ($10.00)You get to select your two sauces. My friend went with the pico de gallo Yucateco and salsa de rabanitos. A nice dish to start our meal off.

Platter for 2 ($55.00)
Combination of chicken and pork, roasted potatoes, and tortillas. We split this between the three of us. Again, they don’t give you enough tortillas! We had to order more ($1.50 extra) and we also ordered a Manzano hot sauce (they charged $5.00! For a sauce.). You would think $55.00 would cover at least having enough tortilla wraps, but apparently not. The pork was great – tender, flavourful, just the right amount of fat to it but the chicken, we sadly weren’t blown away by. It was good but it seemed like the rub/spice that they used didn’t fully penetrate the whole chicken. The roasted potatoes were delicious though!

Roasted cauliflower ($13.00 for full order)
Chile de arbol, garlic, cumin, sea salt, lime juice and cilantro. It was nice to have a vegetable dish to go with all the meat we ordered. I like how they put whole pieces of roasted garlic in it! Yum.

Ceviche de robalo ($16.00)
Chilean sea bass in lime juice, habanero chilies (gave it a nice hint of spiciness to the ceviche), white onion, oranges and avocado. It was flavourful but the dish was TINY. It also randomly came with a small bowl of chips.

Churros con dulce de leche ($8.00)
These were great. Churros came out piping hot. Nice crunchy texture. The dulce de leche sauce was good but seemed overly runny? We all agreed it would have been better if it was thicker.

I’m happy that Edmonton is finally opening up new restaurants and wish nothing but the best for Rostizado’s. Hopefully, they work on a few things and make some changes price wise, otherwise I can’t see myself going back anytime soon.

10359-104 St
(780) 761-0911

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