D’Amores Mercato

Wow, Edmonton is clearly the king of RANDOM industrial delicious eating places. A good buddy of mine and I checked out D’Amore’s Mercato for lunch on a Sunday afternoon after an exhausting game of squash. We put in our order and took a peak at the rest of the store. Good selection of cheese, cold cut meats and they have a huge selection of frozen lasagna/pasta/dinner meals if you are too lazy to cook. They all looked delicious and would be very good for a dinner party, as portions looked huge.

Pizza bianca ($12.95)
White pizza topped with tuscan ham, mushrooms, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. The pizza was delicious! Made fresh right in front of our eyes, you can really taste the quality. One of the best pizza’s I’ve had in quite some time.

Cuban grill ($8.50 large)
Whole wheat bread with turkey breast, mild capicola with provolone, garlic pickle, house dressing, mayo and mustard. Nicely grilled Panini style with a slight crunch texture. Garlic pickles gave the panini a slightly sweet, tangy taste.

Sfogliatelle ($2.35)
Never had this pastry before but it was interesting to try. Looks like a layer of leaves. Crunchy on the outside while the inside is stuffed with ricotta cheese (although I tasted a hint of citron). The taste grew on me with each bite.

Vanilla latte – my buddy ordered this coffee and he enjoyed it thoroughly. I should mention he doesn’t impress easily.

Awesome little spot on the south side. I’m surprised how empty it was when we went (right at noon) and only one other group came in while we were there. Maybe because it was the weekend. Anyways, definitely go and support them! I can’t wait to try more food off their simple but well executed menu!

D’Amore’s Mercato
4612 – 99 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 988-5638

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