Wing Chicx

It seems KFC (korean fried chicken) is all the rage these days for Korean food.  I heard good things about Wing Chicx so we went to check it out for a late dinner on a weekday evening. The place was pretty empty, with only two other tables occupied.

The interior is bright and colourful with a hilly landscape painted on the walls.  The booths and chairs consist of bright red and blue colours. Playful jumps to mind.

Korean congee – Korean food is the best because you always get side dishes. We were brought out a Korean congee as an amuse bouche (just kidding, it was a tasty bowl though). So delicious, I could have ordered and ate a whole bowl itself. Never actually had Korean style congee but it was next level.

Banchan – for Wing Chicx’s side dishes, we were brought out kim chi, pickled daikon, cabbage slaw and fish cakes. I couldn’t stop eating the addictive fish cakes. They were like crack.

Half order of fried chicken ($15.00)
There was a slight miscommunication between the server and us. We asked for sauce but they brought it out separately in a side dish. It definitely tastes better with the sauce so learn from my mistakes and  order it with sauce on! At least they gave us extra sauce when we asked for it. The KFC was delicious – not greasy at all, perfectly crispy and our order had 6-7 pieces.

Spicy seafood in noodle soup ($11.99)
Delicious. Had a nice variety of seafood, noodles were perfectly cooked and spice level was good without overpowering the flavours. My friend was dying though, however, she powered through with lots of water on the side.

Great place if you are craving some good ‘ol KFC. Next time, I want to try their whole fried chicken and beer deal (only $30.00). Eff, that’s a deaaaaaaaaaaaal.

Wing Chicx
#28, 2912 Ellwood Drive
Edmonton, AB
(780) 466-2852

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