It’s probably not fair to compare but I just came back from visiting Buenos Aires for a few days and MyEmpanadas specializes in Argentinian empanadas. What better time then to compare now? Plus, life is never fair so deal with it.

We checked out the small empanadas shop, which is located right beside Mama Lee’s Kitchen. We were greeted by an empty counter so we rang the bell and waited for a couple of minutes. Interesting seeing as there was no one else there. I also found it a bit odd how the owner has a white drape/sheet to block off the kitchen. Why not keep it open so you can see all the empanada magic making happen?

Anyways, we were planning to go to dinner elsewhere so we just wanted to sample a couple of empanadas. We ended up only trying:

Seafood ($2.99) and ham and cheese ($2.99)Decent amount of seafood in the one empanada while the ham and cheese was pretty plain, nothing special to write home about. We weren’t impressed with this one.

For the price of $3.00/empanada, I wasn’t impressed. To compare, a place I tried that is known for their empanadas was charging $1.50/empanada and they were stuffing their empanadas. Also, there’s no deal if you order one or a dozen (I asked) so I can’t really justify buying 3 empanadas when I could get a full meal from Mama Lee’s Kitchen right next door. Essentially, not bad but am I aching to go back? Debatable.

10631 – 51 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 756-1345

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