Bubbletopia. Pickings are slim when it comes to finding a quality bubble tea in town. If you haven’t been before, Bubbletopia is located on the second floor (take the elevator or stairs up) and has a laid back, relaxed atmosphere to it. They have a few board games that you can play (not a very good selection unless you like Jenga, Chinese chess, cards, etc.).

They have some snack options as food but I’ve yet to order anything besides bubble tea. Just BBT me up. The bubble tea options are endless: special mixes, milk tea, fresh fruit, powdered, green/black tea, milkshakes and juice. For the most part, I try to keep things simple and order fresh fruit.

Fresh fruit avocado ($5.75)
Finding a fresh avocado bubble tea in Edmonton is like finding a diamond in the rough. I decided to try Bubbletopia’s version and sadly, it was only so-so. I subbed in grass jelly, which they were nice enough not to charge me for ($0.75 extra normally). It’s hard to find fresh, quality avocados in town which is what I blame the slightly off/weird taste to. The taste did gradually get better, the more it mingled. Guess that’s why most people stick with the typical flavours.

Booboo ($5.50) and Fresh prince ($5.50)

The booboo is a blend of watermelon and strawberry with apple jelly pieces. The watermelon is more watery in general but I thoroughly enjoyed it. They could threw in more apple pieces. My friend ordered the Fresh prince and subbed out lychee pieces for sago. Her drink was much more slushy than mine. The sago was surprisingly decent. I believe they make them fresh everyday.

Matcha green tea milkshake ($5.75) and Spirit bomb ($5.50)Match green tea and Pineapple/mango

Really enjoyed the matcha green tea. Perfect consistency and just the right amount of green tea flavour. Might be my new favourite! The Spirit bomb, pineapple and mango slush was also on point.

This place is growing on me. Whenever I’m northside, this is the first place that pops into my mind when I want a bubble tea to drink. When you order your drinks to stay and hang out, the BBT comes in tall glasses. Cool stuff. They are open till midnight Friday and Saturday night, hopefully they start changing this to every night!

#201, 16761-91 Street
(587) 523-3700

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