Shanghai Grill

Shanghai Grill is tucked away in a tiny industrial area where one would not expect a Shanghainese restaurant to be. I have frequented the restaurant twice now (one time for lunch and this time for dinner). Dinner here was a nice change of pace from your/my typical family dinner outings, which usually mean a Chinese restaurant.

There were 8 of us so we decided to try out their family style dinner menu (10 course meal for $198).

Noodle soup – not too sure what it was called but this was one of the best soup-to-start meals I’ve ever had! So good, we gobbled it all up.

Assorted cold meat platter
Cold cuts platterVery good with a variety of meats. It was slightly odd that this wasn’t the first dish but came later on in our meal.

Spicy garlic shrimp
Spicy garlic shrimpThis plate was delicious. Perfect amonut of heat, cooked perfectly and nice garlicky flavour.

Half crispy duck

Crispy fried pork with shrimp chips
Crispy pork with shrimp chipsYour typical crispy pork dish but pork was nice and tender, which is normally not the case.

Fried deep sea perch fish
Deep fried sea perch fishNormally I’m not a fan of deep fried fish but this one was lightly battered and super tender on the inside.

XO flavoured beans
XO green beansGarlicky, oniony and just outrageously good beans. Definitely order this dish!

Stir fried beef, onion and vegetable hot plate
Iron plate beef with vegetablesCame out hot and sizzling. Reminded me of how when you order fajitas.

Roasted pork leg with vegetables – this one was awesome! The pork leg was super tender, fall off the bone. Came as the last dish.

Red bean buns – this was dessert and they almost forgot to give it to us. We had to ask for it after we paid. They came out piping hot. Nice and fluffy but was it worth waiting for? Debatable.

Rice – unlimited refills, the usual.

Worth a visit if you want something different and delicious. Come here for the XLB’s (I’ve had them before) and they’re very good. Dinner here was good and I’ll be back. Great spot if you are in the west end. The only complaint we had is with the service, which is spotty and slow. Be prepared for a wait but it’s worth it, if you prefer good food to good service, I know I do.

Shanghai Grill
16336 – 111 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 930-1828

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