Bistro India (Dosa Brunch)

I’ve been to Bistro India a few times now over the past year or two. We went on a Saturday for their special dosa brunch menu (dosas only from 11am – 5pm). We were the first and only customers as we got there when it opened. For some odd reason, the waiter couldn’t figure out how to get the locks unlocked for the patio chairs. Thus, no sitting out on their patio and enjoying the beautiful weekend weather. Instead, we were put by the windows, looking out at the patio (where we should have been sitting!)

Anyways, for food, we each ordered a dosa but shared so that we could try both out.

Kadai chicken dosa ($12.95) – stuffed with kadi chicken, onions and peppers. We were both unimpressed by how little chicken was given in this dosa.  Nothing shone out flavour-wise for us either.

Bistro India special dosa ($13.95)
Crepe stuffed with potato masala, tomatoes, cilantro, Mysore chutney and chat masala. This dosa had a better filling and we both agreed this one was much tastier. The flavours complemented each other well. Each dosa came with three dipping chutneys (tomato-onion chutney, sambar (lentil/vegetables) and coconut).

Food here is decent with friendly staff and a nice outdoor patio to sit and soak up the sunshine.

Bistro India
10203-116 Street
(780) 482-1700

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