Café del Sol

Whenever I am craving Mexican, there’s only spot that comes to mind when it comes to Edmonton: Café del Sol is hands down my favourite. We went on a Friday after work and the place just kept on getting busier and busier. It was packed by 6pm, definitely make a reservation if you are planning to go.

Anyways, they have an awesome Groupon deal (that’s still on) for 4 people – 2 appetizers, 4 entrees and 4 drinks for $60.00. What a steal – best part is that you can choose any dish off the full menu, no exceptions.

Nachos locos ($15.00) – so tasty! They taste like homemade chips smothered in cheese, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and chorizo! Also comes with a side of salsa that had a nice kick to it.

Pappas bravas ($8.00) – potato wedges that were served with a diablo sauce. This wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything spectacular, probably wouldn’t order it again. The diablo sauce was pretty mild and did not add much to the dish.

Pollo tinga tacos ($10.00) – four tacos filled with chipotle chicken and fried onion with a side order of your choice (I picked guacamole). Squeeze a bit of lime and add some guac to your taco and voila, magic. Magic meaning get in my belly.

Al pastor tacos ($10.00) – my friend had this and she really enjoyed it. Moist and full of flavour. They said it was better than the ones they’ve had at Tres Carnales.

Camarones ($16.00) – my friend picked margarita (finished with lime juice and tequila). Food always tastes better when cooked with alcohol right? I was expecting shrimp skewers, which they wrote as their description but it’s not, doesn’t matter, they were still nicely cooked (you get 6 if you were curious). Comes with rice, beans and three tortillas.

Chicken enchilada with mole sauce ($15.00) – you get three enchiladas, rice and beans. Mole sauce is sweet chocolately goodness mixed with dried fruit, nuts, seeds and a variety of chilis.

Wish they had some desserts (tres leche anyone?) but that’s a minor quabble. Best place for Mexican in Edmonton and best news of all, just found out that they are opening up a new place west end for July!

Café del Sol
6502 – 132 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 758-8890

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