Seoul Korean BBQ Restaurant

Wow, I haven’t had good Korean BBQ in the longest time. Time flies – it’s been over two years, the last time was straight from the motherland of South Korea. Anyways, we were hankering for some all you can eat Korean BBQ goodness so we hit up Seoul. A no frills, grungy from the outside looking restaurant – aka. my kind of joint.

We went on a Saturday evening and the place was pretty busy. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to wait and were seated right away. My poor sis, she couldn’t eat 99% of the menu (no gluten/no egg) so she had a soft tofu dish while she watched us devour through the all you can eat (AYCE) menu ($26.95/person).

The AYCE menu consists of 9 meat selections, 4 side dishes, rice and onion salad. The ban chan (side dishes) were decent (potato, kim chi, bean sprouts). Our favourite was definitely the marinated bean sprouts, yum. They also bring you a small bowl of sweet Korean hot sauce and a side of lettuce wraps (if you want to make lettuce wrap sandwiches).

AYCE Korean BBQ ($26.95/person)
We tried all 9 of the different types of meat (beast mode) and my favourite was the spicy pork bulgogi and deep fried chicken. The deep fried chicken was really good – good sauce, crunchy but felt nice and light. Not your typical deep fried chicken. Pork bulgogi was nice and spicy, just the way I like it. Pork belly had so much fat on it, it was ridiculous! We were definitely disgusted by all the fat grease oozing out but that’s pork belly for you!

Anyways, service was good (they came to switch out our BBQ grills several times) and food was tasty. Wish there was good Korean BBQ in Edmonton. We ended the meal with these Korean sweet mini drinks (not sure what they were called) but was a perfect way to end our meal.

Seoul Korean BBQ
4336 MacLeod Trail SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 243-7970

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