The Phork

Oh man, why did we go the Phork?

I came in knowing what to expect so I wasn’t surprised with the results of our meal. Essentially, this place has good service, nice décor, and a “nice” view (technically, if looking at the dreary Edmonton scenery is your cup of tea) but don’t expect too much when it comes to the food.  It’s over salted AND overpriced = not a good combo.

Anyways, there were 8 of us and we came for an early Saturday dinner. I’m thinking it’s better to order appetizers and desserts, as the entrees were very meh. This is only for dishes that I tasted:

Crispy friend truffled mac & cheese balls ($13.00) – decent but nothing really stood out for me taste wise.

Buttermilk fried chicken wings ($14.00) – spicy chipotle sauce was surprisingly decent, with a nice bit of heat to it.

Green curry coconut PEI mussels ($14.00) – good amount of mussels and green curry was tasty. Enough to go around the table for all of us.

Fresh ciabatta baguette ($2.00) – this is not a baguette, it’s a couple small pieces of bread which should be free.

Pasta of the day ($21.00) – fettucini with spinach, sundried tomatoes, chicken in a cream sauce. Sauce was pretty tasteless. Pretty disappointing.

Just a quick note – entree prices are expensive ($21.00-$37.00 for lamb chops). If you’re going to pay high end prices, I’d suggest going to places where the food matches (Hardware Grill, The Marc, etc.).

Tiramisu – we shared a tiramisu, which was good and nice way to end our meal.

Overall, one and only time for me. Too salty and completely over priced!

The Phork
9707 – 110 Street
Edmonton, AB
(587) 521-3463

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