Chili Hot Pot

All you need to know about Chili Hot Pot is:

a) It’s good
b) 20% off if you go after 9 pm! SWEET DEAL. Regular price is $25.00, so it’s only $20 after 9pm! Plus add $2.00 for your choice of broth. Lots of cool ones to choose from.

Half/half broth ($2.50) – pork with apple slices (top) and spicy lamb broth (bottom)

Both were good but the lamb’s spiciness took over and I couldn’t taste much of the pork broth afterwards. If I were to do it again, I would just get one main broth and stick with it for the night.

We ordered a ton of food – selection is decent and they even have a couple delicious random items worth trying (I’m talking about salmon sashimi, lamb dumplings, fried rice with egg and green onion was tasty). Place was surprisingly not too busy for a Friday night (didn’t even need to make reservations although we did). Service is on and off – they were pretty slow to bring out the good stuff but they did flirt with my friends in Chinese…

Overall, I liked Chili Hot Pot, especially their after 9pm deal! Forgot to mention you also get dessert at the end (we had mango pudding). Oh yeah, make sure you get a lemon ice tea ($2.50) – comes in huge mason jar and quenches your thirst.

Chili Hot Pot
7219 – 104 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 989-0831

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